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TurboPac Filter

Unique Design Features

TurboPac barrier filters are engineered to provide optimum performance under severe turbo machinery applications such as high face velocity, turbulence and surging airflows, heavy dust loading and high humidity.

The multiple layers of micro fine glass fiber media used in the TurboPac allow for full depth loading of the media resulting in high dust holding capacity and long service life. The media is also water repellent and remains unaffected by intermittent exposure to humidity.

The filter pack is pleated over safe-edge aluminum separators which prevents media puncturing.

The filter casing consists of a galvanized steel frame with headers on both sides. Protective face guards are installed on both the air entering and air leaving sides.


TurboPac filters are easily installed and serviced using Camfil Farr's Universal holding frames in either built up banks or side access housings.

Choose From Three Efficiencies

The TurboPac is available in three efficiencies:
  • 60-65%
  • 80-85%
  • 90-95%

Technical Data

TurboPac Technical Data

Performance Data

TurboPac Performance Resistance


Construction: Galvanized steel frame, safe-edge aluminum separators and protective screen on both upstream and downstream sides.
Media: Water repellent micro fine glass fibers.
Filter Class: 60-65%, 80-85% and 90-95% per ASHRAE 52.1

Filter Facts

TurboPac high efficiency air filters are specifically designed to withstand the high pressures and surging airflows associated with gas turbine operation.

Structural integrity is assured up to 15” w.g. and structural rigidity is maintained up to 25” of static pressure.

TurboPac filters offer high dust holding capacities and are ideal for high temperature and high humidity applications.

TurboPac Data Sheet