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Cam GT
for turbo machinery

Cam GT Filter E Series
Green Plastic Bars for the F/MERV-Series | Red Plastic Bars for the E-Series

Application Areas

  • Air inlets for turbine equipment
  • Axial reciprocating compressors
  • Offshore and coastal installations
  • Installations with recurrent high humidity

Patent Pending Construction

Cam GT's large filter surface is based on Camfil Farr's own construction featuring vertical pleats, hot melt separators and polyurethane seal. The filter media packs are reinforced with a strong backing screen and enclosed in a robust plastic frame to withstand the often severe pressure fluctuations encountered in turbo machinery applications.

With the backing screen and the moulded polyurethane gasket permanently fixed to the filter frame, the filter installation simplified with limited risk for filter media damage and leakage.

High Humidity Conditions

Cam GT's construction allows trapped water to drain freely from the filter during operation, thus avoiding re-entrainment of dissolved impurities and maintaining low pressure drop under high humidity conditions.

Superior Engine Protection

The Cam GT range includes an E10 as well as an E12 version. They both offer considerable improvements in engine protection, resulting in lower engine degradation and prolonged service intervals without need of shutdowns for compressor cleaning.

The E12 version includes 27% more filter media in order to maintain a low pressure drop also with this extremely high filtration efficiency.

Key Features

  • Offers optimum engine protection
  • Low pressure drop also in ”wet” conditions
  • Improves overall filter economy
  • Increased service life
  • Excellent in damp and humid climates
  • Ensures water drainage
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Easy mounting
  • Completely incinerable
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Compact
  • Excellent burst pressure performance
Camfil Farr's gas turbine filters are tested at third party, in accordance with EN 779:2002 and ASHRAE 52.2. Burst pressure test has been conducted with excellent results.

Technical Data

Cam GT Technical Data

Pressure Drop

Cam GT F7/MERV 13 Pressure Drop

Cam GT F8/MERV 14 Pressure Drop

Cam GT F9/MERV 15 Pressure Drop

Cam GT E10 Pressure Drop

Cam GT E12 Pressure Drop


Type: High efficiency, incinerable, compact
Frame: Polypropylene
Media: Glass fiber media
Separators: Hot melt
Seal: Polyurethane
Gasket: Polyurethane
Temperature: 80 °C max. running temp.
Filter Class EN 779: F7, F8, F9
Filter Class EN 1822: E10, E12
ASHRAE 52.2: MERV 13, 4, 15
Dust Holding Capacity: ASHRAE Dust
Recommended final pressure drop: 600 Pa
Recommended air flow nominal: 4250 m³/h / 2500 cfm
Burst strength: >7500 Pa / 30 ”wg

Filter Facts

Cam GT is a high-capacity filter for turbo machinery. Due to the unique design its performance is maintained in humid or wet conditions, guaranteeing a long lifetime and a good filter economy.

Its robust heavy duty design combined with high efficiency and low pressure drop, guarantees optimum protection and engine performance under most demanding operating conditions.

The Cam GT is available in a range of efficiencies to meet individual requirements. A large effective filter area assures high capacity, high efficiency and low pressure drop. With the E12 version, Cam GT now offers HEPA efficiency resulting in superior engine protection and extended periods of operation without need for shutdowns for cleaning.

Cam GT Data Sheet