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CamClose Filter

Application Areas

For humid applications, it is preferable to use the CamClose filter. Designed for humid conditions, the filter is ideal for tropical or coastal installations.

The Camfil Farr CamClose is primarily used as a pre-filter to extend the service life of final filters by offering low initial pressure drop and high dust capacity. The filter is specially suitable for applications in humid conditions, like tropical and coastal installations, thanks to its downstream pleat separators.


The structural integrity of the filter is maintained by the use of a high strength ABS frame. Downstream pleat separators are used to ensure optimum operation.

Technical Data

camclose technical data

Performance Data

CamClose Performance Arrestance

CamClose Performance Pressure Drop


Type: Pleated prefilter for designated final filters: CamGT and Opakfil GT
Frame: ABS
Media: Synthetic media, wire backed
Gasket: PU foam
Class EN 799:2002: G4


The CamClose filter is specially designed to be fitted directly close coupled to a final filter such as CamGT and Opakfil GT. This makes it possible to add an extra filter stage to the filter system without the need for an extra filter bank. The CamClose uses a special attachment to enable quick and easy installation without the use of tools or fixing devices.

It is equipped with a synthetic media with wire backing formed into a radial pleat. This is to ensure full use of the media area, which provides a uniform, low resistance to airflow over the service life of the filter.

CamClose Data Sheet