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CamPulse GT HemiPleat Cartridges
to fit Gas Turbine Intake Systems

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CamPulse GT Hemipleat

CamPulse GT filters are an upgrade from typical conical + cylindrical pairs. They are designed to protect rotating machinery in high dust load environments and provide continuous operation and stable pressure.

Uniform media pleating assures effective dust holding capabilities through maximum media exposure and provides maximum protection with minimum airflow restrictions.

Adhesive bonding provides an excellent seal between metal and paper, eliminating bypass. Gasket on metal end caps is permanently bonded to assure an optimal seal at installation.

Advanced design provides built-in structural strength to the media fiber. Filter media is protected from damage by a rigid expanded metal liner on the inside of the element.

Poly Blend Filter Media

PolyTech Ultra High Efficiency (White/green) - Propriety blend of cellulosic fibers and polyester fibers with a moisture resistant silicone treatment for optimum dust release characteristics yielding long service life at high filtration efficiencies.


CamPulse GT HemiPleat Configurations

CamPulse GT Cylindrical Filters

CamPulse GT HemiPleats replace typical conical + cylindrical pairs.

CamPulse GT HemiPleat Filters

CamPulse GT HemiPleat Layout

HemiPleat vs. Typical Pleats

HemiPleat Breathable Media Pleats
HemiPleat Breathable Media Pleats

Let your turbine
breath easier!

Typical Industry Packed Media Pleats
Typical Industry Packed Media Pleats


Efficiency: MERV 15 / EN-F9
Air Permeability: 25-35 cfm/sq. ft. per 0.5" w.c. (457 - 640 m³/m²h at 125 Pa)
Mullen Burst: (Dry) 40 psi [2.8 bars] / (20 psi) [1.4 bars] - Minimum
Gaskets: Polyisoprene molded closed cell gasket
End Caps & Liner: Galvanized steel (top & bottom) | Optional: Stainless Steel
Filter Sealant: Solid polyurethane top/bottom
Max Temps: 160°F (71°C) Operating / 180°F (82°C) Surge

External helical cords and internal screen secure the filter element from movement

Filter Facts

Key Benefits:
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Excellent energy performance
  • Long element life
  • Each filter set is conveniently shipped together in a single carton for reduced freight cost

CamPulse GT HemiPleat Data Sheet