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Opakfil GTX Box Type
for turbo machinery

Opakfil GTX Box Type Filter

Outstanding Performance

The advanced engineering behind the Opakfil GTX makes it possible for the filter to deliver one of the highest achievable energy savings in the industry, while maintaining rated efficiency throughout the full life of the filter.

Special Design Features

A unique curved form of the air inlet and outlet provides greater open area than any other V- shaped filter, resulting in a much lower pressure drop profile.

The media packs utilize a newly developed height-to-pleat spacing ratio that works in conjunction with the radial inlet and outlet to minimize pressure drop. The pleat separators ensure pleat stability to provide continual low energy usage performance.

The Opakfil GTX also has a built-in prefilter spacer section, that eliminates blockage of airflow and resultant high pressure drop when a prefilter is mounted directly.

The Box Type also comes with a double header for replacement of similar metal casing products.

Reduced Environmental Impact

This highly rated energy filter, saves money not only in energy and labour, but it also has a positive impact on the environment.

Longer filter life offers advantages like:
  • Fewer transports
  • Less packing material needed
  • Less green house gas emissions
  • Less waste water

Technical Data

Opakfil GTX Box Type Technical Data

Pressure Drop

Opakfil GTX Box F7/MERV 13 Pressure Drop

Opakfil GTX Box F8/MERV 14 Pressure Drop


Type: High efficiency, incinerable, compact
Frame: All injection mold plastic construction
Media: Micro-Glass fiber
Separators: Hot melt
Seal: Polyurethane
Gasket: Polyurethane
Header: 20 mm
Class EN 779: 2002: F7, F8
ASHRAE 52.2: MERV 13, 14
Dust holding capacity: ASHRAE dust
Recommended final pressure drop: 600 Pa
Recommended air flow nominal: 4250 m³/h / 2500 cfm
Temperature: 80 °C max. running temp.

Filter Facts

The Opakfil GTX Box Type from Camfil Farr is designed with horizontal pleats and is 100% incinerable.

This brand new filter offers a cost effective solution in areas with dry environments and where considerations for high humidity and hygroscopic dust are less important.

Also pleated packs equipped with protective sealed mesh eliminate the risk of filter damaging during handling and installation.

Opakfil GTX Box Type Data Sheet