Bolland Machine | E-mail Correspondence

E-mail Correspondence
We appreciate your having contacted Bolland Machine.  Please be aware that e-mail addresses are listed on our company website simply as a means of initial contact.  We take interactions with customers seriously and as such, value the importance of effective communication.  Simple introductions, basic contact information, and a general overview of your needs should suffice.  From there, we will need you to contact us via telephone to either address your particular situation or schedule an appointment for you to make a personal visit.  Our experience has been that (given the context and parameters) e-mail is neither a very efficient or effective form of communication for all parties involved.  There is no viable flow of cohesive two-way dialogue with the inherent capacity of including or dealing with all pertinent information, and variables.  Therefore, we cannot answer technical questions, give advice, estimate jobs, etc. via e-mail.  Please keep e-mails brief and to the point.  We thank you for your cooperation and understanding, and look forward to being of service to you!