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About Us
Today’s business climate is so different than it was 10 or 15 years ago.  In a day of “downsizing” and “lean and mean”, the small businesses of this rapidly paced, keenly competitive technological era have not only had to add those words to its working vocabulary, but others as well…”diversification”.  Since 1962, we have specialized in total engine machine work and remanufacturing for all sizes and makes, including industrial, marine, construction, mining, trucking and natural gas transmission engines and compressors.  Our complete machine shop is fully equipped to handle any of your engine machine and remanufacturing needs.

In order to best serve our customers and quick turn-around time, we consolidated our facilities into a 20,000 sq. ft. facility located in Chippewa Township near the Beaver County Airport, which will combine the skills, expertise and knowledge of all of our employees with the resources of a complete machine shop capable of producing, repairing or manufacturing any kind of engine component.  We’re a virtual “supermarket” of engine parts and components.  Heads, cranks, rods, blocks, turbochargers, air filters, gaskets, pistons, and magnetos stock our shelves. Just to name a few.  Our “supermarket” has to be big because we work on any kind of engine, from your personal vehicle to off-road, heavy-duty equipment, marine (tugs and barges), to airline ground support vehicles, farm equipment, and the list goes on….  We have a network of sources in the USA and Canada to locate those hard-to-find parts and castings.  We also have a machine shop road service, field and in-the chassis work are also available, disassembly and assembly of engines.

Our knowledge and expertise in the natural gas industry has gained us a wide reputation for helping to improve their engine efficiency.  We have installed digital electronic ignition systems and air filtration systems in natural gas pumping and transmission stations throughout the central and eastern United States to assist them in meeting EPA requirements.  If a unit somehow malfunctions, we have complete in-house repair facilities to get them up and running again and our electronic department has diagnostics and board level repair.

Our custom-designed air filtration systems have also been a boon to the gas industry.  We will go to a particular sight, and after inspection, offer suggestions on how to improve efficiency and productivity, while minimizing maintenance cost.  We will then design and manufacture a system that specifically meets their emissions and environmental needs, along with proper CFM requirements.

At Bolland Machine, our quality is legendary.  We realize an engine is a major investment for our customers and we offer you only the finest workmanship at competitive prices.  Every day.  We guarantee it.

Bolland Machine has certainly grown a lot in the 48 years we have been in business. It is exciting to us to be able to offer such a wide variety of expertise and services to such a diverse customer base.  We assure you, however, that we have always maintained a high standard of quality workmanship, parts and service.  We are extremely proud of our past performance and at the same time we are “in-tune” with the future.  Each one of our machinists is a craftsman in his own right.  We are proud of our people and our ability to keep all of our machining services in-house. That, combined with years of experience and expertise explains why we continue to strive toward being a step ahead of our competition.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you with your machining and remanufacturing needs.  If you would like to arrange a tour of our facility, need an estimate, or have any questions on anything we offer, please contact us.

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