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CamFlo GT
High velocity air inlet filter for turbo machinery

CamFlo GT Filter

Application Areas

Gas turbines operating in offshore and marine installations and equipped with high velocity air inlet systems are in many cases suffering from extensive maintenance, high pressure drop and poor engine protection. These shortcomings are mainly a result of the high air-to-filter media ratio, limiting dust holding capacity and filtration efficiency. CamFlo GT is developed to offer a better alternative for these types of installations.
  • Turbo machinery with high velocity air inlet systems
  • Offshore and Marine installations
  • Installations with recurrent wet conditions

Design Features

  • Large filter surface – improves dust holding capacity and reduces pressure drop. It also allows for the use of filter media with higher efficiency.
  • Ridged filter pocket design – assures efficient pocket shape is always maintained.
  • Dual layer filter media – pre- and high efficiency filtration in one composite media, means high dust holding capacity in one instead of two separate filter stages.


Continuous R&D ensures that Camfil Farr filters perform as specified and to our customer's expectations. The special shape of the filter bag ensures lowest possible pressure drop. The individual filter bags, made of dual layers of synthetic media, are fixed in place with adhesive and secured for maximum strength in a special stainless steel frame. Reinforcements are located between the bags to ensure the filter's stability and shape during max airflow. It can operate in temperatures up to 70°C/158°F and 100% RH.

Technical Data

CamFlo GT Technical Data

Performance Data

CamFlo GT Performance Initial Pressure Drop vs. Flow

CamFlo GT Performance Pressure Drop vs. Dust Loading in the Filter

CamFlo GT Performance Legend


Frame: Stainless steel, AISI 316 galvanized steel available on request
Media: Synthetic
Seal: Polyurethane
Class EN 779:2002: F8
Discharge efficiency: 31%
Recommended max.: final pressure drop 850 Pa (3.4” wg)
Recommended air flow max.: 7.200 m³/h (4235 CFM)
Operating temperature: 70°C/158°F max. running

Filter Facts

CamFlo GT is a newly developed inlet filter for gas turbines, compressors and diesel engines that have high velocity air inlet systems. With its robust design, large effective filter area and unique composite filter media it offers clear advantages to today's existing alternatives in the market.

Advantages, such as:
  • Higher efficiency - improves engine protection
  • Less pressure drop - increase output or reduces fuel consumption
  • Higher dust holding capacity – reduces need of maintenance

CamFlo GT is robustly constructed for high velocity applications. Material selection, stainless steel header frame and the unique dual layer of synthetic fibers, also maintains integrity in wet and highly corrosive conditions.

CamFlo GT Data Sheet