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CamPulse EF

CamPulse EF Filter

Application Areas

  • Air filtration for stationary gas turbines, compressors and large engines.
  • Desert, arctic or other environments with high airborne dust concentrations.

Filter Element Construction

CamPulse EF filter elements are used in automatic, self-cleaning air filter systems requiring high efficiency, single stage air filtration. Each set consists of one cylindrical element type CY-2612 and one conical element type CO-2612. Top and bottom end caps are made of galvanized steel. Inner and outer expanded metal liners support the media pack and prevent the element from collapsing under high pressure drop conditions. The filter media is securely fixed to the inner and outer liners using beads of adhesive to prevent movement of the media during pulsing thus avoiding premature wear of the media.

The filter media is water repellent and is corrugated perpendicularly to the pleat direction. This ensures even pleat spacing and helps in preventing the elements from collapsing under high differential pressure. Composed of a resin-impregnated mixture of cellulose and synthetic fibers, our filter media is available in three different grades: standard cellulosic, blended Polytech and the ultra high efficiency Polytech HE media.

Polytech media is manufactured to Camfil Farr's specifications and provides improved performance under conditions of high humidity and rain.

Sealing gaskets are made of closed cell neoprene or other suitable material permanently glued to the end cap. Efficiency is tested in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 52.1-1992. Test data can be provided on request.

Technical Data

CamPulse EF Technical Data


CamPulse EF CY-2612 Filter

CamPulse EF CO-2612 Filter

Specifications (CamPulse EF, CY-2612 / CO-2612)

Type: Single stage, high efficiency Pulse filter cartridge
End Caps: Galvanized steel
Liners: Expanded galvanized steel
Media: Resin impregnated mixture of cellulose and synthetic fibers
Separator: Hot melt beads
Seal: Adhesive bonding layer
Gasket: Closed cell neoprene or equivalent
Class EUROVENT 4/9: F9
Recommended final pressure drop: 1000 Pa / 4.0" WG
Recommended air flow per set of cartridges CY-2612/CO-2612: 2500 m³/h /1470cfm
Temperature: 80°C / 176°F max
Burst pressure: 10kPa / 40" WG

Cartridges are also available with all stainless steel or epoxy coated parts for highly corrosive environments.

All specifications and data are subject to change without prior notice.


CamPulse filter systems are designed to protect rotating machinery in high dust load environments. The cleaning system provides continuous operation and stable pressure drop even in extremely dusty environments.

Their uniform media pleating assures effective dust holding capabilities through effective media exposure and provides excellent protection with minimum airflow restrictions.

99.95% average efficiency under normal operating conditions. Adhesive bonding provides an excellent seal between metal and paper, eliminating by-pass. Gaskets on metal end caps are permanently bonded to assure an optimal seal at installation.

Advanced design provides built-in structural strength to the media. Filter media is supported by rigid expanded metal liners on the inlet and outlet side of the element.

CamPulse EF Data Sheet