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Riga-Flo GT
for turbo machinery

Riga-Flo GT Filter

Robust Construction

Specifically designed for turbo machinery applications, the Riga-Flo GT's welded wire media support grid, corrosion resistant contour stabilizers, galvanized steel enclosing frame and protective wire mesh screens on both the air entering and leaving sides, provide the rigidity and durability required to ensure structural integrity throughout the life of the filter.

The filter pack is continuously bonded to the inside of the enclosing frame and the filter is capable of withstanding a 25" w.g. (6.2 Kpa) pressure drop without any noticeable distortion.


Riga-Flo GT filters are easily installed and serviced using Camfil Farr's Universal holding frames in either built up banks or side access housings.

High Efficiency Medias

The Riga-Flo GT is available in three different efficiencies:
  • Riga-Flo 15GT - 60-65%
  • Riga-Flo 100GT - 80-85%
  • Riga-Flo GT200 - 90-95%

All medias are high density micro fine glass fibers which are laminated to a non-woven, synthetic backing to form a lofted filter blanket which is not affected by humidity.

Technical Data

Riga-Flo GT Technical Data

Performance Data

Riga-Flo GT Performance Resistance


Construction: Galvanized steel frame with media contour stabilizers to maintain pleat configuration and protective screen on both upstream and downstream sides.
Media: High density, micro fine glass fibers, laminated to a non-woven, synthetic backing.
Filter Class: 60-65%, 80-85% and 90-95% per ASHRAE 52.1

Filter Facts

The Riga-Flo GT is a high efficiency, heavy duty air filter designed for use on turbo machinery in any location.

The Riga-Flo GT provides high efficiency filtration from initial installation to change-out.

Its rigid construction results in the Riga-Flo GT not being affected by changes in air velocity or equipment shutdown. Also, the pleat configuration is not affected by the accumulation of dust.

Due to the large amount of media and Camfil Farr's exclusive tapered radial pleat design, the Riga-Flo GT's extended service life is an important factor when considering downtime and maintenance costs.

Riga-Flo GT Data Sheet