Bolland Machine | R30/30WR

for turbo machinery

R30/30WR Filter

Exclusive, multi-layered non-cellulose media

The R30/30WR features a multi-layered non-cellulose media that effectively repels water while capturing dust, lint, pollen and other particulate contaminants. The media is enclosed in a waterproof frame made of proprietary board material that will not deform or degrade throughout the service life of the filter.

Performance Data

The R30/30WR is rated as a MERV 7 filter under ASHRAE test procedure 52.2 (equivalent to a 25-30% dust spot efficiency and 90-92% arrestance rating under ASHRAE 52.1-92). The R30/30WR is 2 to 3 times more efficient than conventional pad filters, its pleated design containing over seven times more media surface area for enhanced performance and longer life.


R30/30WR filters are available in 1", 2" and 4" depth and in many sizes.


  • Transit vehicles
  • Marine ventilation systems
  • Locomotive car bodies
  • Air intake for rooftop
  • HVAC units
  • Turbo machinery air intakes

Technical Data

The filter shall have a minimum efficiency reporting value of MERV 7 when evaluated under the guidelines of ASHRAE standard 52.2-1999. It shall have an average dust spot efficiency of 25-30% when evaluated under ASHRAE standard 52.1-1992.

Initial resistance to airflow shall not exceed (0.22”, 0.25”, 0.23”) w.g. at the rated airflow.

The filter shall be classified by Underwriters Laboratories as UL Class 2.

R30/30WR Performance Efficiency

R30/30WR Technical Data


Air filters shall be medium efficiency ASHRAE pleated panels consisting of water repellent, non-cellulosic media and waterproof enclosing frame.

The frame shall be bonded to the media to prevent air bypass and shall include integral diagonal support members on the air entering and air exiting side to maintain uniform pleat spacing during operation.

Filter Facts

When subjected to water testing at a feed rate equivalent to 11 inches (280 mm) of rain per hour, the R30/30WR allowed no water penetration to the downstream side.

R30/30WR Data Sheet