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CamVane Droplet Separator

CamVane Droplet Separator Filter


The CamVane droplet separators are used both in conventional and self-cleaning air filter systems.

The framework is made of extruded high-grade marine aluminum profiles, making it a light, rigid construction.

One or more drains, depending on the size of the CamVane droplet separator, are placed on the bottom profile of the framework. The drains can be positioned either on the inlet face, outlet face, or the bottom of the framework.

The CamVane droplet separator profiles can be either black polypropylene strengthened with talcum or extruded aluminum.

In order to optimize efficiency and/or pressure drop, the CamVane is available in two different profile spacings, 25 and 33 mm. The CamVane is provided with drilled or undrilled flange on air entering or outlet side. Mounting is normally done by clamping to this flange.

Key Features

The CamVane droplet separator is a heavy duty, highly efficient moisture eliminator. Low operating pressure drop makes CamVane a cost-effective first separator to any air intake system.

Typical areas of application are offshore, coastal areas, plant sites that have periods of heavy rain or fog and mist.

The CamVane droplet separator has high separation efficiency with low pressure drop for air intake velocity up to 5 m/s.

The streamlined separator profiles deflect the droplet laden air stream. As a result of inertial forces droplets impinge onto the profile surface forming a liquid film.

The separation chambers, hooks collects the liquid and due to gravity the liquid is drained to the bottom of the profiles and removed via the drainage openings.
  • High separation efficiency
  • Low pressure drop = low operating costs
  • Wide velocity range
  • Corrosion free materials
  • Wide range dimensions

Technical Data

CamVane Technical Data

CamVane Technical Data Dimensions

CamVane Technical Data Air Flow

Performance Data

CamVane Performance Data


Type: Vertical vane droplet separator
Framework: Extruded high-grade marine aluminum
Size: Width min. 300mm, max. 2400mm / Height min. 300mm, 3000mms
Vane profiles: Extruded black polypropylene, strengthened with talcum (PPTV) or high-grade marine aluminum
Spacer: Black polypropylene strengthened with talcum or high-grade marine aluminum. Spacers are available for equidistant spacing of 33mm (standard) and 25mm (opt.)
Drain: 30mm pipe connection

CamVane Droplet Separator Data Sheet