Bolland Machine | For Sale: Dake 50H Hand Operated 50 Ton Hydraulic Press

Dake 50H Hand Operated Hydraulic Press [SOLD]

Item Number:
$2300 OBO
Dake Corp.
Serial Number:

  • Model: 50H
  • Number: 907002
  • Capacity (tons): 50
  • A width between uprights: 32-3/4
  • B width between table channels: 7-1/4
  • C minimum ram to table: 5
  • D maximum ram to table: 40
  • E ram travel (inches): 4
  • F horizontal workhead travel: 20-3/4
  • Screw travel: 7
  • JxK base (inches): 43-1/2 x 3...
  • L height (inches): 85
  • Weight (lbs): 810
  • Our most popular selling hand operated hydraulic press model. These hand operated hydraulic presses feature rapid ram return, by-pass hole, and rapid screw traverse of ram, along with an adjustable table, and movable work head.
  • Hand operation for economical performance.
  • By-pass hole prevents excessive ram extension.
  • Rapid screw traverse of ram permits quick, easy movement of the ram by means of a convenient handwheel.
  • Rapid ram return starts as soon as release valve is opened and may be stopped at any point by closing the valve.
  • Adjustable table permits easy vertical movement by means of self-locking hoist.
  • Movable workhead is roller mounted on ball bearings for off-center positioning.
Standard Equipment:
  • Frame
  • Two forged steel V-blocks
  • Flat ram nose V-ram nose
  • Pressure gauge
  • Self-locking table hoist Pressure gauge
  • Workhead
  • Two forged steel table plates
  • Self-locking table hoist
  • V-ram nose 
Any questions, email Deric Bolland or call 724-846-1290 [MON-FRI 8:00AM-5:00PM] and ask for Don Bolland.